In Need of Greenery

We’ve been too lazy to venture to the grocery store in all this rain we’ve been having. As a result, I’ve been seriously lacking in the fresh veggie department; until tonight that is! I always try to have a snack before I go to the grocery store (bad idea to shop on an empty stomach), especially when shopping at the visually stunning Whole Foods Market that I have a slight love affair with. Unfortunately, the only snack left in the cupboard was a crumbled rice cake from the bottom of the bag. Apparently this snack was the least satisfying pre-grocery store snack ever and we ended up loading our cart up with way too much stuff. After cringing during check out we hurried home to enjoy this ultra satisfying panzanella salad.

(Panzanella is an Italian salad typically made with stale bread, tomatoes, basil, olive oil and vinegar, I pretty much refer to any salad made with bread as a panzanella, maybe because I love that word 🙂 )

In the store I was faced with the decision to buy a package of basil for nearly $3 or buy this lush plant for less than $2. No contest!

The salad consisted of a whole wheat baguette (that I cubed and toasted in the oven) from Portland’s Standard Baking Co., 2 chopped hearts of romaine, a giant tomato, a cucumber, some feta, fresh basil and S&P. All tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Delightful dinner! So fresh and Summery I almost forgot about the downpour happening outside my window 🙂 Almost.