Peas and Thank You

My Man-friend is a huge fan of pea soup… I’ve made it only once before and didn’t really love it, it was pretty bland. I think it’s the ham in traditional split pea soup that makes it flavorful. I was dead set on making a delicious vegetarian version!

I consulted Martha (Stewart of course) for some guidelines. I branched out on my own though after the “add ham bone to pot” part though. Saut√©¬†carrots, onions, and celery with salt pepper and thyme until they are tender. Add in two cartons of vegetable stock and two cups of water as well as a bag of split peas. Bring to a boil. Now here’s the trick! Liquid smoke, to replace the dimension added from the ham bone. I used about six dashes. Cover and let simmer until the peas are soft.

I stuck my submersion blender right into the pan to blend it until it was smooth. You could use a regular blender in small batches though.

Crusty bread for dipping :)

This pea soup was MUCH better and very flavorful! The Man-friend was very thankful and practically licked his bowl clean :)